Riddles by Gifted and Talented students from Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School
Primary Cluster attending a Creative Writing Day 

Riddle 1

A spinning wheel

A spinning wheel


I turn around, but stay where I am.

I have an arm that does not hold.

Feed me something weak and I' ll make it strong.

What comes from me will stop the cold.


Isabel Badger, aged 9, and Georgie Saunders, aged 9
Chelford Primary School

Katie Boon, aged 10, and Ellie Davies, aged 9
Goostrey Primary School

Riddle 2

From far away you can see my face.

I have a head that is not round.

I have a spine that does not bend.

If you enter my mouth, I will keep you safe.

I have joints, but not of bone.

My veins have liquid, but not blood.


David Black, aged 10, and Emily Green, aged 10
Hermitage Primary School

Ellie Buglass, aged 12, and Joseph Thompson, aged 12
Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School


The Old Medicine House

The Old Medicine House

Riddle 3

A spinning wheel

A spinning wheel


I have legs, but cannot move.

My four-legged friend gives me what I desire.

I can be hard, but what I make is soft.


Josh Collins, aged 10 1/2, and Louis Parkinson-Sykes, aged 10
Holmes Chapel Primary School

Lili Eadie, aged 9, and Sienna Truscott, aged 9
Lower Peover Primary School


Printed on: 06 Jun 2020

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