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The Blackden Trust houses gooseberry archives

Colin Garner's gooseberry scales

Colin Garner's gooseberry scales

March 2008

We have been asked to house artefacts and archives of the Cheshire Gooseberry Societies. The collection will include a record of the prize-winning cultivars raised from seed by Frank Carter.

The Frank Carter Memorial Archive has been inaugurated by the donation of a pair of gooseberry scales and a set of weights. They belonged to Colin Garner, who bequeathed them to his grandson, Adam Garner. Adam has been interested in gooseberries since he was a child, when he watched his grandfather tending this berries, and listened to the growers discussing the weights of the winning berries. 

He now lives in Oxford. Adam gave the scales to The Blackden Trust, because he feels that they belong in Cheshire. 


Printed on: 06 Jun 2020

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