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The Eric Morten Award

Eric Morten

Eric Morten

The Blackden Trust has inaugurated this award to commemorate Eric Morten, antiquarian bookseller and champion of the young.


Eric died a prosperous and respected antiquarian bookseller, but he started his career selling books on his father's stall at the market on Shudehill, next to Manchester Cathedral.  Independence was a single box of second hand books; a harsh reality he never forgot.  His financial success may have been due to his business acumen and the remarkable photographic memory that enabled him to recall accurate bibliographic details, but his personal reputation grew from his delight in finding the books his clients and friends needed. In particular, he took great joy in helping the young; selling them rare books at special prices, and in some cases giving them the books they needed to gain their professional qualifications. "I know what it's like to be skint", he said, when an act of generosity was questioned.  The Eric Morten Award celebrates this generosity; both practical and emotional for bringing about the future.

The Award

The award will be given annually to the student who has both gained the most from the activities of The Blackden Trust, and who has also contributed to its future.  It will take the form of two books in the discipline that the student intends to study: one will be a seminal antiquarian book and the other will be a book of current interest.  The award winner will be announced on 2nd of June, which was Eric's birthday, and will be presented at the Friends' and Benefactors' Day in July.

Winners of the award

2011  Jenny Reddish
2012  Charlie Reeks
2013  Oonagh Pennington-Wilson
2014  Award not given
2015  Award not given

Printed on: 30 Sep 2020

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