Students recording an archaeological excavation

Students recording an archaeological excavation



Thinning gooseberries to produce berries big enough to show.jpg

Thinning gooseberries to produce berries
big enough to show

Our projects explore the past and enrich the future.

We undertake archaeological surveys and organise excavations, and look for evidence of the material culture of Blackden. We study architecture and documents and listen to the stories of people who have lived here.

Current projects


The field walking at Bridge Farm in April 2008 was the first of several we shall be organising in the area. The recording, dating and correlating of finds will give us an understanding of the daily lives of the people in the past.

In August 2009 we started an excavation to find, record and characterise traces of a long outbuilding that appears on maps from 1789 and disappears by the end of the 19th century. This investigation will continue in 2010.  

The Gooseberry Project

Growing and showing huge gooseberries is a northern cult. We are creating a living archive by growing the seventeen prize winning gooseberry cultivars developed by Frank Carter, who was born at Toad Hall and lived all his life in Blackden.  

The Herb Garden

A long term project is the development of a herb garden around The Old Medicine House to grow herbs that would have been in use at the time of the building of the house.

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