An impression of Blackden

An impression of Blackden


One of the most significant outcomes of our courses is the most elusive: it is the stimulation of creative thought. We encourage participants to contribute their ideas and to build on the ideas of others.

We also encourage our visitors to send us any thoughts or impressions that they might have. These we have published on the pages below.


Riddles by Gifted and Talented students from Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School
Primary Cluster attending a Creative Writing Day 

Riddle 1

A spinning wheel

A spinning wheel


I turn around, but stay where I am.

I have an arm that does not hold.

Feed me something weak and I' ll make it strong.

What comes from me will stop the cold.


Isabel Badger, aged 9, and Georgie Saunders, aged 9
Chelford Primary School

Katie Boon, aged 10, and Ellie Davies, aged 9
Goostrey Primary School

Riddle 2

From far away you can see my face.

I have a head that is not round.

I have a spine that does not bend.

If you enter my mouth, I will keep you safe.

I have joints, but not of bone.

My veins have liquid, but not blood.


David Black, aged 10, and Emily Green, aged 10
Hermitage Primary School

Ellie Buglass, aged 12, and Joseph Thompson, aged 12
Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School


The Old Medicine House

The Old Medicine House

Riddle 3

A spinning wheel

A spinning wheel


I have legs, but cannot move.

My four-legged friend gives me what I desire.

I can be hard, but what I make is soft.


Josh Collins, aged 10 1/2, and Louis Parkinson-Sykes, aged 10
Holmes Chapel Primary School

Lili Eadie, aged 9, and Sienna Truscott, aged 9
Lower Peover Primary School


Across my life  

Saxon roundshaft

Saxon roundshaft

I sit centre stage,
Glamorous and beautiful,
Worshipped like a god,
I am important.

Now I am removed,
Cast aside for what I am,
Broken in two and hidden,
Out of sight.

No longer am I beautiful,
No longer am I worshipped,
I sit alone in the dark,
Watching, waiting.

Weeks turn to months,
Months to years,
And then,
I am taken away and used to guard the way.

I sit with an extra part,
Open, shut, open, shut,
And then I break,
And I am once again forgotten.

My execution date is decided,
I am to be killed, broken,
I am rolled down a hill,
Ready for what is to come.

Then I am rescued,
Saved from a dance with death,
Seen for what I am,
I am saved.

Now I live happily,
With a man and his wife,
I am happy in my new home,
And this is how I got across my life.

George King
Aged 13
Manchester Grammar School



A lady is working,
In a quiet room.
Bending over a pot,
She throws in some herbs.

A wonderful essence,
Fills the expanses,
A magical mix,
Of spices and of lavender.

Two tallow candles stand,
On a wooden shelf,
Alongside marigold and roses,
And other mystical plants.

Salves and potions,
Bags of dried leaves,
A glass alembic,
An iron cauldron.

The lady stands up,
Admires her work;
A cure for all illnesses,
From the apothecary.

Will Barnes
Aged 13
Manchester Grammar School


The Plastic Container

Pottery sherds found on the site

Pottery sherds found on the site

In the simple plastic container;
Lie clues of the ancient world,
Hallmarks of culture and style,
A simple man's piece of flint,
An intricate china vase.

They lie here shattered and broken,
Neglected and all alone,
Their proud history behind them,
All together and humiliated.

The miniature of a great warrior's axe,
The lip of a modest pot,
A rare bracelet, reminiscent of the Roman Age,
They are here, waiting to be explored.

Bookmarks of millennia,
Gateways to discovery and exploration,
All here and together,
Here in this simple box.

Michael Li
Aged 13
Manchester Grammar School


Labyrinth of Mystery

Labyrinth of Mystery

Labyrinth of Mystery


Labyrinth of mystery
Associated with astronomy
Black and white, dull and sparkly.
Young people on a voyage of mystery
Rings and circles, round and round
In and out, twisting and turning,
Never ending swirling lines
Thousands of stones planted in between
Half of day and half of night.

Megan Burns
Aged 11
Goostrey Community Primary School


Riddles by Year 6 students at Goostrey Community Primary School  

Riddle 1             What is it?

Shaped by hula hoops
This garment is heavy
All my pieces interlock
I am made of many
I am impenetrable
Nothing may pass
Only one thing can beat me
Water and age which turn me brown


Riddle 2             What is it?

I am a commander in disguise.
I am not made, but curved.
I am a crescent moon, but
I am not in the sky.


Riddle 3             What is it?

An army of spears
It kills anything in its way
But it can' t harm you
Strokes through intense forest
Strong as stone, as white as bone
It pulls and fights eventually winning


Riddle 4             What is it?

I am an eye,
but you will never see me cry.
No matter how many times
I am pierced, I will not die.
I dip, dive and dart,
taking the stab from the heart.
What am I?

Riddle 5             What is it?

Used in life but not in death.
On a bulbous vessel,
It never ends, but never starts.
Its life lasts forever.


Riddle 6             What is it?

I come in the colours
Black and yellow.
I fly around
Any meadow.
What am I?


For solutions to these riddles, see further down the full page of outcomes.


Riddles by Year 6 students at Goostrey Community Primary School  


Chain mail A horn A hair comb A shield The rim of a pot A bee

1 - Chain mail

2 - A horn

3 - A hair comb

4 - A shield

5 - The rim of a pot

6 - A bee

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