Album: The development of the Herb Garden

The herb garden and Rosa Mundi

Album: The development of the Herb Garden

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Title: October 2009 - The northern bed

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June 2009 - the beds developJune 2009 - The southern bedJune 2009 - The northern bedJuly 2009 - herbs start to flowerJuly 2009 - The southern bedJuly 2009 - The northern bedAugust 2009 - in full flowerAugust 2009 - The southern bedAugust 2009 - The northern bedSeptember 2009 - herbs in full flowerSeptember 2009 - The southern bed
September 2009 - The northern bedOctober 2009 - final floweringOctober 2009 - The southern bedOctober 2009 - The northern bedNovember 2009 - the foliage fallsNovember 2009 - The southern bedNovember 2009 - The northern bedDecember 2009 - snowed inThe herb garden and Rosa Mundi

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Printed on: 13 Aug 2020

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