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A door from the past to the future


The Blackden Trust invites you to enjoy and share ten thousand years of history, two ancient houses and countless stories of this acre of Cheshire land.

A place of collective discovery

We organise events suitable for all ages. There are conducted tours, day courses, workshops, open days and longer events, sessions with artefacts and documents, with the fabric of buildings, or out in the field. Our activities draw on the history of Blackden, and each one gives you a window on a different aspect of the past.  Learn how to knap flint, make your own sixteenth century herbal medicine, or listen to medieval music in the Old Medicine House. Our courses have something for everyone with an interest in the past.

Adults and students working together

Adults and students working together

A place of extraordinary things

Working at Blackden brings you into contact with prehistoric flints from the garden and nearby fields, pottery and metalwork, lost and scattered across the centuries, and the two timber-frame buildings themselves, all an enduring record of the changing face of Blackden over the past ten thousand years.  During our courses, you will have access to our archive of original documents: maps, architectural drawings, and photographs, and the results of our continuing research. On some courses you will be working with unsorted material, which will give you the opportunity to add your own discoveries to the records of the Trust.

The Fellowship of Blacken

The expertise of academics from universities across the country, the knowledge of local specialists, the enthusiasm of Friends of The Blackden Trust and the help of volunteers - all contribute to our research and teaching. This remarkable mix of people create the Fellowship of Blackden and give study here a wider relevance. The focus may be local, but there are always broader connections to be made -- connections that resonate through time and across the globe.

Printed on: 30 Sep 2020

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