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Our stock includes reproduction ceramics based on the sherds found in the garden and surrounding fields. These are made by John Hudson and are unique to The Blackden Trust.

We also stock books by writers associated with the Trust.

All items in the shop can be bought when you visit, but, for the time being, only books are available on line.

The Guizer: A book of fools [hardback]The Guizer: A book of fools [hardback]

The Guizer: A book of fools [hardback]
by Alan Garner

The Weirdstone of Brisingamen [paperback]The Weirdstone of Brisingamen [paperback]

The Weirdstone of Brisingamen [paperback]
by Alan Garner

The Moon of Gomrath [paperback] The Moon of Gomrath [paperback]

The Moon of Gomrath [paperback]
by Alan Garner

The Owl Service [paperback] The Owl Service [paperback]

The Owl Service [paperback]
by Alan Garner

Red Shift [paperback]Red Shift [paperback]

Red Shift [paperback]
by Alan Garner

The Stone Book Quartet [paperback]The Stone Book Quartet [paperback]

The Stone Book Quartet [paperback]
by Alan Garner

Strandloper [paperback]Strandloper [paperback]

Strandloper [paperback]
by Alan Garner

Thursbitch [paperback]Thursbitch [paperback]

Thursbitch [paperback]
by Alan Garner

Boneland [hardback]Boneland [hardback]

Boneland [hardback]
by Alan Garner

Boneland [paperback]Boneland [paperback]

Boneland [paperback]
by Alan Garner

A Bag of Moonshine [paperback]A Bag of Moonshine [paperback]

A Bag of Moonshine [paperback]
by Alan Garner

The Voice That Thunders [paperback]The Voice That Thunders [paperback]

The Voice That Thunders [paperback]
by Alan Garner


Collected Folk Tales [hardback]
by Alan Garner

The Beauty ThingsThe Beauty Things

The Beauty Things
by Alan Garner

First LightFirst Light

First Light
edited by Erica Wagner

The Ingenious Edgar Jones [paperback] The Ingenious Edgar Jones [paperback]

The Ingenious Edgar Jones [paperback]
by Elizabeth Garner

Night Dancing [paperback]Night Dancing [paperback]

Night Dancing [paperback]
by Elizabeth Garner

Postage and packing

Postage and packing (UK only): £2.80 for 1 and 2 books, £4.00 for 3 books
If outside the UK please e-mail for a price,


Download the order form , fill it in and return by post or by email.       


You can make on-line donations or payments to the Blackden Trust  through PayPal.   PayPal allows you to pay securely by using your credit or debit card as well as by using a PayPal account.

We suggest that you print out and keep a copy of the receipt sent to you by PayPal.  The button below can be used to make a single, variable payment to the Trust for a shop purchase, a course fee or a donation. 

To pay for books and packaging or for courses, enter the full amount
here £   and click on the PayPal button to the right

Printed on: 30 Sep 2020

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